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Does Cobbles & Corks provide bicycles?

We know it's a hassle to travel with a bike but the reward to ride your own bike is priceless. For those who can't bring their own bike, though, we will have a small fleet of new quality road bikes available

What if I get a flat or need a spare part?

Cobbles and Corks will provide mechanical assistance should you need it.' We keep standard tubes and tire supplies on-hand, and other parts can be ordered locally should the need arise.

What if I don't feel like riding a particular part of the route one day?

No problem,  Our itineraries are designed to be flexible, and we know the areas that we ride in well enough to suggest alternate routes if you'd like a little extra time to wander in a town, see other sites or just kick back and enjoy the scenery. You can also take any day off you please and we can take you to Colmar for a day of shopping or whatever suits your fancy.

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Who are the guides?

Bertrand will be your guide on most of the rides. When we split our group, Laura will be guiding as well. In addition we will have a van and driver available any time to assist you.

What about the food?

The breakfasts will be served at your hotels buffet style. The dinners will focus on the regional food. Wine is included with all dinners. Most of the lunches are on you own but there are plenty of options along all routes.

Do I get a discount if I put a group together?

Please contact us for rates.

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